At Grandma & Grandpa J’s

After breakfast we would go outside to play, we would make up our own games, that’s right we would have to use our imaginations!  Oh, I forgot, when we had to go potty, yep you got it, outside!  A 2 seater!  My favorite thing to do there was ride their pony, he was black & white (his name was Lightning or Thunder) and he had a path wore around the house, he never went off that path nor did he ever buck!  The scariest part of the path was on the left side of the house, there wasn’t much of a yard but there was a deep gully beyond the fence, I know that if I fell into it I would never be found!  Many games of tag, Cowboys & Indians, pumping water from the well and drinking it, how did we survive!  Let’s talk about my grandmas garden, she had a wonderful garden, nothing sprayed on that garden!  Many days of weeding, talking, harvesting and eating, brush off the dirt & consume!  Grandpa J was a hard worker, he was always doing something, never a dull moment.  He was a very quiet man, he always called me bozo.  I remember in the winter how warm their house was, grandpa would stoke that big old round oak stove  while we played cards on the floor in front of it.  We would slowly move away from it because we were too hot!  It sure helped grandmas bread raise.  Well as we got older, busier, grandchildren may forget that our time is short on this earth and now I wish I would have spent more time with grandma & grandpa.

(the picture of the rolls are my gluten free buns, just thought you could imagine how they smell)!





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  1. Trish says:

    Glad you told another story!


    1. Thank you, I’m just getting started!


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