Grandma knows best?

We grandma’s have raised our children, now it’s their time to be parents!  What happened to those years?  Where did they go?  I’m thinking someone is playing a big trick on us?  I don’t feel old enough to be a grandma!  Do you remember how old we thought our grandparents were while growing up?  Oh my gosh I thought they were ancient!  Grandma & Grandpa J (my mom’s side) farmed, milked cows by hand, many buckets of milk in cans standing in cold spring water before the milk hauler came to pick it up.  I remember that’s the only time I heard them squabble between them, I guess the barn was the place to get it out!  Many Summer’s were spent at the farm playing & working but mostly working!  Sometimes we may even get .25 or maybe .50 if we were lucky!  It was all worth it at meal time, homemade bread at each meal and all the  wonderful garden vegetables and fresh meat, grandma could really cook!  my fondest memory is laying in bed with the window cracked open just a bit, the smell of the fresh air, oh so wonderful!  Hearing the clanking of the milk buckets grandma & grandpa carried as they walked down the drive to the house, I knew that I would be smelling breakfast soon!




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  1. Trish says:

    Great story!


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