Grandbaby #6

I’m taking a coffee break while grandbaby is napping!  Grandbaby #6 is at Nana’s today because she isn’t feeling well, as you see the pug is helping her feel better & making sure she has a clean face!  If Mom & Dad knew that I let the pug lick her face!  What we do at Nana’s stays at Nana’s!  My 4th daughter, her Mama, is going back to school to be a nurse, which is wonderful but a big undertaking with a family!  So my day will be full of wiping a nose, putting eye drops, cuddling and playing!  Mama called asking how her baby is, she’s 1 year old, grandpa told her she looked good! A lot better than Tuesday when she was here.  Mama said “make sure you check her breathing, if she has any trouble call me or take her to the ER!”  Grandpa replied “she had a coughing spell so we just put her in the closet!”  Mama just laughed and replied “grandpa, you silly!”  When did she forget that we raised her and 3 siblings!  Needless to say when Mama came to pick up her little girl she was alive & well, no breathing problems.  It’s funny to think about the orders we are given from our children when the grandbabies have stayed.  I hear people say it’s so different raising children now a days but is it really?  Women still give birth, babies need to be fed, bathed, diaper changed and all the normal things taught in life to survive, just like we did, our parents did, their parents did and so on.  Our society my change, some views may change but in the end it’s still all the same.  On this last note, isn’t it funny how the # symbol means, hash tag, pound and is the number sign!





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