Grandma & Grandpa B

My Dad’s parents, lived in the city, quite a change from my country grandparents.  They lived on a street about 3 house down from a bakery / grocery store on the corner, gosh I wish I could remember the name!  Oh the smell of all the baked good!  Grandma would walk us up there to pick out a pastry, I think I remember wanting the ones with jelly or pudding the middle, I would take the biggest bite I could to get at the inside and then take my finger to make sure I got every lick!  My grandma had the cleanest basement, she had a table & hutch with dishes down there so we could have as many tea parties that we wanted.  Grandma was a wonderful cook, we would have breakfast, after a while coffee & a treat, then lunch, after a while coffee & a treat, then a big supper, of course a treat before bed!  The Norwegian way!  I don’t remember being outside much because we were in the city.  Grandpa didn’t talk much, I remember almost being afraid of him, he sat on the porch a lot, just watching the traffic.  Their house was just up the block from a medical facility, I remember grandma & grandpa having to move because the facility bought their home.  They moved to a smaller town closer to us so that was a good thing!  I still remember the day that grandpa had fell and couldn’t get up, grandma was crying asking him to get up and he would be ok.  The ambulance came to take grandpa to the hospital but he’d didn’t come back.  Grandma lived by herself for many years after, I remember how proud she was when my husband & I stopped to see her on the way home from having our twin girls, she was so proud, as so was I.   I visited grandma as much as I could, I was busy with 4 children, all girls!  I learned tatting from her and I think of her often.





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