Windy City!

As I’m trying to plot out my garden and what I would like to grow in it, I look outside and it’s snowing again!  And the wind!  I can’t believe it!  We have had so many days of wind, snow, rain and sleet!  Where’s our spring?  We live in a little town in Wisconsin and by now I’m usually out getting my garden ready to plant, at least I could till or hoe a little, I thing we should rename our little town The Windy City!  This year I’m going to make little teepees for my pole beans, that way it will be easier on my back, this idea came from a Facebook page “Fargo Farms and Produce”. I don’t know what I would do without Facebook and Youtube!  I plan on putting up something for my peas too, I need to have things off the ground as I get older but that’s not too hard beings I’m only 5’1 inch tall!  I have some left over seed potato to use, will plant kale, broccoli, cauliflower, squash, zucchini, carrots, onions, tomatoes and of course lettuce & spinach, looks like I will have my hands full!  I’m thinking about some sweet corn but it really attracts the deer!  My garden is organic so I don’t use any pesticides, weed killer or powders that kill insects.  I put out jugs of vinegar & sugar with a banana peel, the bugs go in but they don’t come out!  We hang jugs in our apple trees too, we don’t have perfect looking vegetables & apples but they taste good.  A couple years ago I planted asparagus, so I can harvest it this year, the garlic has already peeked through the straw, I planted some potatoes last fall just to see if they might survive the winter but nothing has peeked through yet.  I love giving our produce to our children & grandbabies, I only wish I had more help keeping up with it all!  Last year I planted a long row of green beans, told the girls to come and pick, not a one showed up!  We had many pickings of beans, took it to them, along with many pails of apples.  No matter how old they are, we still spoil them!  As it should be.  I will show pictures of the garden in future blogs!





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