My Godparents

Uncle Cy & Aunt Lorraine farmed the home place, she still lives there.  I would go and stay with them in the summer, they had 1 boy & 2 girls, Kathy was close to my age.  I remember the first time my parents made me stay with them, I got so home sick!  I may have been a tad spoiled, I got over it with their help.  The house was surrounded by these big hedges that you could play hide-n-go seek in, boy could you get lost!  At night we would play flash light tag, that was really scary!  My aunt cooked on a wood cook stove which was in the kitchen and dinning room, it was huge and hot!  We had great times around that table, eating and playing games, the holidays spent there were memorable.  They had a tv in the living room but it didn’t get very good reception.  After chores and breakfast in the morning Kathy & I would help aunt Lorraine with little things washing clothes or cleaning up the house, Cheryl, the older sister would have to do much more than us.  Mark the only boy would help with chores in the morning, sometimes we got to go in the barn to feed the baby calves.  I remember that Cheryl loved to crochet & knit, She would enter her projects in the fair, they would get into the fair for free!   I wish I would have taken the time to learn from her.   In Wisconsin the summers are usually hot & humid, so we would ride bike, run through the the sprinkler or jump in the cow tank to cool off, the cows didn’t like us in their water!  They would come over and sniff at us, they had wet, slimy noses!  When we rode bikes we weren’t suppose to ride beside the barn because there was an electric fence just about eye level, if you didn’t duck at the right time you would have a burn mark right across your forehead!  I loved spending time with my cousins, growing up is a good thing but staying close to your family is the best.






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  1. Trish says:

    Love your stories!


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