First Trip To The Mine!

imageGrandpa took Grandma for a semi ride today.   We went to a little town in Iowa where there is a mine, It was my first time there, 160 miles of road, 3 miles wide, 6 miles long.  Semi lights have to be on so we could see but there are fluorescent lights hanging on the rock walls, (Picture is the entrance).  The road down to the mine is a 16% grade and very narrow!  We met other semis, there was room but I kept a close eye on the side of the road, so as to be sure to give directions on how to keep the semi on the road!  I asked, “has anyone ever lost their brakes going down this hill”?  Grandpa says, “it wouldn’t be good, but see there is a run off ramp if it would happen”, I think my eyes got even bigger!  Once in the mine there were sharp corners to maneuver the semi around to get to the elevator, which would load the semi with fertilizer for the farmers fields.  After receiving the designated pounds of fertilizer,  we have to drive out of the mine, more tight corners to maneuver around!  There are scraping marks on the rock wall where the trucks have come too close, I closed my eyes around a few of them!  The path out of the mine is down hill with a turn at the end but straight ahead of me I see the river!  I say, “what happens if you lose your brakes”?  Grandpa  says,  “it wouldn’t be good”,  I had my hand on the door handle and wondering how fast the truck would sink with 50,000 pounds of fertilizer in tow!  Would the electric window work under water?  Would the trailer full of fertilizer smash down on top of us?  By this time we are going around the corner, the site of the river is off to the other side of me, I can stop holding my breath!  Now to get the truck weighed to make sure we aren’t over weight because if we are, guess what?  Back into the mine to dump some fertilizer!  Whew, it’s fine.  Up the 16% grade hill we go, I asked “does anyone ever stall on this hill?  Wrong question!  Well, Grandpa says, “it wouldn’t be good”.  In my head I’m saying, please don’t stall, please hit the right gears, over & over, whew, we made it!  On our way home, I say, “boy I need a nap, when will we be back”?  Grandpa says, “here’s the deal, there’s an empty semi & trailer waiting for us at the farm, we are going back to the mine”!  Needless to say I won’t be going with Grandpa again for a while.






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