Last Saturday night, we went to a firemens benefit at a nearby town.  The tickets bought us a steak dinner, a chance to win up to 500.00 and a gathering of friends, family and neighbors, we didn’t win any money.  I know there’s a picture of chickens at the top of this blog but here’s the point of the picture.  We gather eggs every day, our chickens are our friends, you see, we keep our chickens until they die, it doesn’t matter if they lay eggs or not they are here to stay.  One of our chickens came from our grandbabies, they decided to raise chickens so they could have fresh eggs but one of them started getting pecked by the others, so out of the pen & in the garage she went!  They named her Bock, she ran around their yard and played with the dog, slept in the doghouse, stayed out of the road and came when called.  As winter came near, Bock came to live in grandma & grandpas coop, grandpa renamed her, now we have Emily.

Let me tell you about Jan & Chops, the twins went to a country school, kindergarten through 5th grade.  At the end of their third year, there were animals that needed to find a home, yep, that was us!  2 chicks came to our house, we found 2 cages, put straw on the bottom, into their bedroom they went.  The girls kept the cages clean and they were just little chicks, what would be the harm, right?   Well, in our busy lives, days and weeks went by, the girls read every night to those birds.  One day the girls came down from their room and said “we have a problem, Jan & Chops won’t fit through their cage doors!”  We cut the cage doors larger to get them out and into the coop they went.  The girls would go out to the coop to read to Jan & Chops, when they heard their voices, out of the coop they came, they sat by the fence while the girls read.  The twins are 30 years old now and still talk about Jan & Chops.

So whether you go to gatherings or gather eggs, you are with friends.





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