Thursday night grandbaby #6 stayed over so Mom could study and get some things done around the house, I know, I know, it’s a hard job but somebody has to do it! (I’m smiling right now).  Friday morning after seeing grandpa off to work and after breakfast, still in our pajamas, we had to feed the rooster, she calls him cockadoodledoo, she’s 1 year old.  After it warmed up a little we went outside to play & dug up some plants.  I had her fill a pot with dirt and a plant to take home, (picture above) only a couple of handfuls went in her mouth!  Followed with a wheelbarrow ride!


After our picnic lunch in the living room, it was nap time, for both of us!  It was a long, wonderful day!  She is so kind hearted, she loves Nana(me), so much & I love her too!






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