The Wedding Ring

My husband told me a short story that his mother Mabel, told him about her mother Clara.   So in short my husbands Grandma.

Clara married Oscar, she a planted a garden in the spring, when Clara was done planting the garden realized she had lost her wedding ring!  7 years later while pulling up carrots, she found her wedding ring!   A carrot grew right through the ring!

Now here’s something to think about, Clara was the 7th child in her family, found her ring 7 years after losing it and Clara had 7 children, pretty cool!

Our son in-law lost his wedding ring a few days after their wedding, they looked all over for it!  We went up to their house to help with the search, Grandpa was using his metal detector in the back yard, no luck, he turned around to come in and got a hit!  He looked down and there it was!  The newlyweds were so happy!  Here’s a thought, I wonder if he lost, or we found his ring on the 7th day after the wedding?  I wonder if they will have 7 children?




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