Greek Yogurt

I don’t have a lot of dairy in my diet but I love my homemade greek yogurt!  Here’s a little tidbit about greek yogurt, it has double the protein, half the carbs & sodium of the regular yogurt, so it’s less likely to upset the lactose intolerant.  So how you say?  The difference between greek & regular yogurt is that, whey is drained off the regular yogurt to make greek yogurt, that’s it!  This is how I make mine.

Start with 1/2 gallon whole milk (wish I had a cow)!
Pour in pan
Start heating to 180 degrees (keep stirring)!
You will need about 1/2 cup of yogurt starter (can use from the last batch or if it’s your first batch may buy plain organic yogurt with live cultures)
Almost there!  Once it reaches 180 degrees cook for 5 minutes (the yogurt may go above 180 degrees but just try to keep it as close to 180 as you can)
Now cool the milk to 110 degrees (I let the yogurt starter set out to get to room temperature, remember, let the milk cool to 110 or you may kill the live cultures)!
Once the milk is at 110 degrees, add some milk to the yogurt starter, fold together, combine all together, stir gently (I put it in my crock pot that has a thermal cover for it)
It’s all bundled up for a 10-12 hour nap!  (You can wrap your pan with towels & put in a cooler or any thermal bag, it just needs to stay warm)!
I have a double layer of cheese cloth ready to strain whey from the yogurt (I put the cheese cloth in a strainer & set it inside a bowl that will allow room for the whey to strain)
Here’s what it looks like after 10 hours (ready to put it in the cheese cloth, if you don’t strain it you have regular yogurt)
Now put plastic wrap or parchment paper on top of the yogurt or just fold the cheese cloth over it, let set for a couple hours to let the whey strain off
Put the yogurt in containers of your choice, I use mason jars.

1/2 gallon of whole milk made 1 quart & 1/2 pint of greek yogurt, the last pint jar on the right is the whey that drained off.  The whey is acid whey, I have used it for a toner on my face but I really haven’t done anything else with it, I end up pouring it out!  Remember to save some yogurt for your next batch!  Do you have any ideas for acid whey?







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  1. Betty says:

    Seems like tedious work but I bet it’s delicious!


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