One of the local wineries was giving away raspberries plants, only things needed was a shovel, buckets & elbow grease!  My oldest daughter and I dug about 100 plants, loaded them in the back of my car, dirt & all, I should have drove the truck!  When we were done, we tasted a couple new wines, picked one and sat down to relax, it was so nice just to sit and talk with my oldest baby.  Now it was time to deliver the plants to their new home, I dropped half of them off at my daughters house, visited a little more and the rest came home with me.  I dug trenches and holes to support these lovely plants, added water, dirt and  I’m done!  But wait, my car is still full of dirt!  I had to vacuum it out too!  More work!  Below are some pictures of our day, I can’t think of a better way or person to spend it with.

Love this precious girl!  As I’m looking at these pictures, I’m thinking back when she was a little girl and what a wonderful woman she has become.  She’s a wife, mother, nurse and my best friend.






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  1. Great post, seems that you had nice time together! 🙂

    Nora / dreamerachiever.com

    Ps. There is a giveaway open in my blog, feel free to participate! 🙂

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