Do I Have To Share?

Sharing, we’ve all heard it, starting at a young age and as we grew into an adult, remember to share!

I was a stay at home mom, raising 4 girls.  I sewed almost all of their clothes until they asked for brand named clothing, I gardened, canned, froze and dehydrated all of our garden produce.  I cooked, cleaned,  made sure they had full bellies, I shared with them and in turn it taught them to share too!  A couple years ago I planted asparagus, finally this year, I can cut & eat the asparagus!  Wait!  No children to share it with, it’s all mine!   Or is it?  Here’s the question, do I have to share it with my husband?  Maybe he won’t see it on my plate?  Who am I kidding, I’m going to share.  I fried it in butter, it was quite tasty!

As we watch our girls raising their children, I’m proud to say we taught them well.






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