Making Butter

Homemade butter, nothing better!  Making butter is a little messy but worth it, the taste is very different from store bought.  If you want to add fresh herbs or flavorings you can!  All you need is heavy cream, I like to buy it close to the best used by date on the carton because the store marks it down for faster sale.  After I make the butter log, I freeze it and cut off what is needed.  Let’s see how to make your own butter!

Start with heavy whipping cream
Pour in mixing bowl
Cover your mixer with plastic wrap, start on a low speed for a bit, than turn it to the highest speed!  This is the messy part!
About 10 minutes later take a peek!
Scrape sides of bowl & mix until you see milk in the mixing bowl
It’s butter milk!
Pour the milk off, blend more to see if there is more butter milk to get
Yum!  I love making butter milk pancakes, you can freeze the butter milk in ice cube trays to use at a later time
Now add salt or separate into smaller portions & add flavorings 
I use parchment paper to mold into a log,  a butter mold would be fun too!
Ready for the freezer!

Enjoy!  Show off your homemade butter to your family & friends!




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