The “Meteor”

Mabel was born in 1913, she is 1 of 7 siblings, 6 girls 1 boy, Inga, Olga Myrtle, Mabel, Marvin, Thelma and Evelyn, parents are Clara & Oscar.

We were visiting Grandma Mabel and brought the movie “Starman” its an older movie from 1984 starring Jeff Bridges, of course about aliens.  While watching the movie, Grandma Mabel started telling a story from when she was 8 years old.

Mabel went to let the dog in one night, the sky lit up like it was day time!  she looked up and saw something that looked like a fireball in the sky it landed in the fence line and hit so hard she heard a thump when it hit the ground!  Mabel ran in the house to tell her siblings, she was so scared!  They laughed at her but her Dad, Oscar said, ” not to worry they would look for it in the morning”.  Morning came, Oscar and Mabel followed the path to the fence line where Mabel saw the rock fall from the sky, there it was!  The fence post beside it was burnt and the rock was still warm to the touch!  Oscar told Mabel again not to worry, they followed the path back to the farm to do morning chores and get ready for school.  School was 2 miles away on the same path where the rock had hit, the children picked up pieces of the rock to show the teacher, she had no idea what it was.  As the years went by the rock was possibly moved or plowed under never to be found.

Mabel passed away and we still talked about the story she told while watching the movie “Starman”.  But wait, it’s not over!  With shovel in hand we hiked up to that fence line Grandma Mabel talked about, her son, my husband, thought we could find it!  Our twins were 2 years old, the other 2 other girls were in school, it was a hot day, of course the path is gone, it was a hard hike with 2 little ones but we were on a mission!  You see when my husband gets something in his head that’s it, we are doing it!  As the twins and I were exploring, Dad is digging at the fence line Grandma talked about, he hit something hard!  I’m thinking this is a field you are bound to hit hard things in the dirt but he keeps on digging until he gets this big, weird looking rock out of the ground!  I remember all of us really looking over this rock wondering if this could be the rock from Grandma Mabel’s story?  Now to get it back to the car!  Yep it was pretty heavy for him to carry but he did it!

We had a friend that worked at the Smithsonian, lucky right?  Told him Grandma Mabels story and the possible Meteor we have found!  He was fascinated by the story and came to take a piece of the rock to have it analyzed, he said it looked like it had been hot at one time!  We were so excited!  The weeks went by when we received a letter from him stating that because of the high amount of quartz it was determined that it’s unlikely this was a Meteor.  It stated that 1% of Meteors actually hit the ground let alone hot enough to burn a fence post.  (wish I could find that letter)!

Well, this was an adventure and story that will be told for many years to come in our family.  We still have our “Meteor”!







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