Hot or Cold Process Soap

Who makes their own soap?  I do!  I bought a book on soap making, I read the do’s & dont’s, wrote down supplies to buy than began!  First batch I made was cold process which was recommended for a beginner, that’s me!  It was pretty scary working with lye but I had gloves & glasses on, mixed it outside because of the fumes.  Cold process worked good but I really didn’t want to wait a month to use it.  So the next batch I tried was hot process which is cooked in a crock pot and you can use it right away!  I’ll show you some pictures, my soap isn’t very pretty, I’ll call it rustic but I love it!

Hard oils need to melt before adding liquid oils (picture below)

Add liquid oils, blend, carefully add lye solution (forgot to take a picture of lye solution but it just looks like clear water in a cup)

Cooking process has started!

I have a hot crock pot so it doesn’t take long to get to this stage, almost done!

When I think it’s done I let it cool before adding Tea Tree oil, I love the smell!

Soap in molds, like I said not the prettiest!

The soap is cut & ready to use!
My rustic soap, I wonder if this is the way it looked when my grandma made it?  I bet she would be proud.  Thinking about it, I make my own soap, yogurt & butter, I sew, garden and put up vegetables for the winter, hmm.. I’m just like my grandma!








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    – Kamilah


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