The Holidays Are Over!

Punch Needle Embroidery
My table made from doors, it still needs legs!

All the preparations for the holidays starting with Thanksgiving, Christmas and then Happy New Year!  Having  4 daughters and spouses, 7 grandbabies with 1 more on the way, yea!  Keeping the house up, planning meals and what to buy for presents?  Thanksgiving was pretty relaxing because it’s all about food for us, I made the lefse, ham, some side dishes the girls brought turkey and more side dishes we ate good!  Christmas is more stressful for me because of presents, what to buy for everyone?  We draw names between couples spend 50.00 per couple, grandbabies are a bit harder as they get older right?  50.00 per grandbaby with many nights on the internet figuring out what to buy for different ages and checking for the best price.  We love our food!  Christmas dinner was a full tenderloin, smoked barbecued ribs and many side dishes of course I had to make more lefse I even made gluten free lefse it was yummy!  New Year’s Eve was uneventful because of the husband not feeling well but I did have a glass of red wine!  As you see in the second picture I’m learning a new craft called punch needle, the first picture is a centerpiece my friend made, the table we made from an old door in our basement it still needs legs!  Last but not least is a picture of my Evie who passed away on November 13, 2016 we only had 7 months together but she the most precious, strong person that I’ve had the pleasure of knowing she was an easy person to love.





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  1. Patsye says:

    Nice to find this blog. I, too, like punch needle. There are so few of us that even know about it. Patsye


    1. Thank you Patsye, I met a gal that was doing it, looked like fun, she owned her own store and set me up with a kit!


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