Christmas is coming!  My homemade gift this year is vanilla so here’s how I started.  Not as simple as it seems I looked for days to get the best price for vanilla beans our local food coop has them for 3.99 a bean, different websites were expensive too!  Wal Mart had a good price about 2.50 a bean there are 2 in a bottle but the are very small, I ended up buying Frontier brand Madagascar whole vanilla beans there were 30 large, moist, wonderful smelling beans in a package that I purchased from my daughters buying club at her work but Amazon was the runner up!  Now how many beans to a liter of vodka?  After many YouTube videos and yes more websites final decision is 15 beans to 1 liter of vodka, I cut open a few beans but left them whole, shake the bottle a couple times a week for about 3 months yep that’s what I said 3 months!  Tito’s is handmade distilled from corn and is certified gluten free!  Update to come!


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