I’m always afraid of ticks because of being treated for Lyme a couple of years ago and my husband being treated for Lyme two different times, it’s awful!  Whenever I work outside I always take a shower when done.  Yesterday I hoed the flower garden, walked the dog, took my grandbaby to the city park came home made pizza had a glass of wine and watched  TV.  While sitting on the couch I leaned back it felt like had a sunburn!  I tried to feel the spot that hurt turned to my husband and asked what it was?  Dang it was a deer tick embedded into my skin!  All he could see was the little back legs trying to burrow its way deeper!  Trying not to get to excited I said “get it out of me!”  He pulled long and steady it finally released, it really hurt and still does!  I’m still going to enjoy this nice weather and work in my gardens but I guess I will be taking a lot of showers!










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