From snow & wind to sunshine, I captured the blessing of the rhubarb sprouting from the earth asking the sunshine for more warmth!  Today I’m cleaning up the yard, raking, picking up sticks and cleaning around the sprouting flowers that are trying to peek out at the sun.  Grandpa is in the poleshed looking at his recent purchases from an auction and garage sale, making sure he got a good deal!  I ask him to come and help gather sticks from the front yard so it looks good for passer byers, we have to keep it looking nice!  As we work the horns are honking, people waving, we are asking each other who was that?  Sometimes we know, sometimes people may stop to talk, I would like to hand them a rake!  I do enjoy working together outside, talking about things and breathing in the fresh air with the sun blessing our morning.  Last night we went out to supper with Grandpas brother & wife, of course we had Friday night fish!  Grandpa & his brother talked about politics!  Us girls talked about grandbabies and how good the meal was.  After many cups of coffee & solving the worlds problems, it was time to leave, I can’t believe I slept so good last night!  These are the blessing we need to keep close in our hearts.  Spending time with the people you love, friends and just people stopping by to say hi, that we might not even know!  It’s great to live in our small community.





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